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At Vision City, our Newburgh optometrist provides comprehensive eye care services for the whole family. Learn more about out contact lens services and what to expect when visiting our eye doctor's office. 

Contact Lenses in Newburgh

Contact lenses offer several advantages over eyeglasses, including: 

  • Less vision distortion than when wearing eyeglasses

  • Improved field of vision

  • Easier for playing sports

  • Won't fog up in the rain 

  • Easy to care for 

  • Can change your eye color

Corrective contact lenses, such as Ortho-K lenses, can even improve your vision while you sleep. 

If you wear eyeglasses for vision correction and have been wondering whether you would be a good fit for contacts, our eye doctor at Vision City can help. 

Contact Lens Examinations at Vision City

woman putting in contact lensesAt Vision City in Newburgh, we strive to offer our patients high-quality optometry services in a comfortable environment, and this extends to contact lens examinations. Contact lens examinations are more involved than vision exams, so learn what you can expect when getting a contact lens exam and fitting. 

When you see us for a contact lens exam, we will discuss your eye care needs and perform a comprehensive eye examination. We will check your overall eye health and look for any signs or symptoms of eye diseases, such as glaucoma. We may dilate your eyes if we feel it is necessary.

By being thorough before we fit you for contacts, we can best make sure that you really are a good fit for contact lenses. We can also fit you with lenses that are comfortable for your eyes and safe for your vision needs. 

If we feel you are a good fit for contacts, we will then measure your eyes. Corneas are shaped differently, so we need to evaluate your eyes to ensure your contacts fit well. This is a vital step in getting contacts, as a poor fit can cause eye scratches and other problems. 

We will also discuss the different types of contacts we offer, your needs, and your lifestyle. This allows us to pair you with a pair of contact lenses that meet your needs. If you do not have time to properly care for contacts, we may offer you disposable contacts that can be thrown away after just one use. If you have always wanted to see what you looked like with green eyes, we can fit you for colored contacts that alter your eye color. 

Lastly, we will show you how to put in and care for your contacts. We will check the fit before we send you home and continue to perform follow-up care to best meet your needs. 

Are you ready to try contact lenses, or do you have an existing contact lens prescription that needs to be updated? If so we invite you to complete our online appointment form or call us at 845-561-0305 and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We look forward to serving you! 

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