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Family Eye Care

Keeping Your Family Healthy with an Eye Exam

Encouraging healthy vision in your family starts by providing the appropriate care for each individual's needs and situation. Family eye care refers to the steps that you or a loved one takes to protect the vision of family members and ensure that problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

Family Eye Care at Vision City: Newburgh

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Every family member needs to visit an eye doctor on a regular basis. A regular eye exam in Newburgh, NY ensures that you protect the vision of a loved one and catch potential problems before it leads to severe health concerns.

During an eye exam, we look for potential problems that arise in different age groups. For children, our team looks for changing vision concerns and offer solutions to help a loved one stay healthy as long as possible. We also make sure that children have appropriate eyeglasses for their needs and their age group. For older individuals, we also check for common age-related eye health concerns, like glaucoma or cataracts, so that each individual recovers as quickly as possible from any health concerns.

Obtaining Corrective Solutions

When you visit Vision City in Newburgh, our team of experienced professionals will evaluate your needs and make recommendations for eye glasses or contact lenses based on your preferences. We provide family eye care, which ensures that we have the glasses that fit your needs and your interests. We also make recommendations for contact lenses when you prefer to avoid glasses for any reason.

The corrective solutions that help improve your vision depend on your goals, interests and needs. An exam helps us determine the appropriate prescription for your eyes and then we make suggestions for glasses or contacts after evaluating your options. We also provide a variety of different types of lenses so that you have comfortable options that address your needs.

Keeping Up with Changing Vision

Your vision changes as you get older and it requires appropriate care to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. Keep up with changing vision by getting a regular exam and checking on your vision at least once per year. We recommend that you get an exam for the entire family so that you catch potential problems early and treat the situation before it causes severe health concerns. We also offer solutions to assist with the needs of children so that you can feel confident that your children can keep up with school, sports or other activities.

Vision is essential for your perspective in life. When you cannot see clearly, it interferes with your lifestyle. By addressing potential problems, you get the glasses or contacts you need to keep up with lifestyle choices and preferences.

Your family needs regular care from a professional to maintain healthy eyes. With the right treatment, you prevent long-term health concerns and protect against severe loss of vision. To learn more about our exams or the solutions we offer to correct your vision, contact us for an appointment today.

For more information about family eye care at Vision City or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 845-561-0305! 

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